You’re a Juice Plus+ Distributor right?

Give your potential and existing customers VALUE.  The more you give them for FREE the more they will trust you, value your opinion and buy from you, not just once, repeatedly.

No waffle here!

I am going to get straight down to it.  In your FREE Starter Kit I promised you valuable resources that will help you to build a trusted relationship with potential customers and encourage them to buy from you.  Plus, I promised you a step-by-step guide on how to implement your new style Juice Plus+ business.

So let’s get started…..


First up is changing tactic, to win your potential customers over you need to be seen as an expert in health, well-being and healthy eating.  Market yourself as a Juice Plus+ distributor from the word go is an absolute NO NO.  You need to create your own BRAND.  Potential customers grow to trust YOU, they like YOU!

So you are going to turn yourself in to a Health & Well Being Coach or Adviser  You can choose whatever title you want, this is YOUR business and YOUR brand.

Your FREE Starter Kit is based on turning yourself in to a Lifestyle & Well-Being Magazine.

This of course is a Digital Magazine.  You will be contacting your potential customers (More about your Target Audience later) and asking them to subscribe to your  Digital Magazine.

Don’t panic… This is no where as difficult, complicated or as time consuming as you are thinking.  It’s actually really simple, you can set this all up in one weekend and it is not going to cost you a penny.

Now if you are going to be turning yourself in to a Digital Magazine, you need content to publish in to your magazine.  The articles that you post need to be interesting and relevant.  To get you started and give you an idea of what is going to convert your potential customers in to paying customers I am giving you completely FREE 6 one page articles that you can download using the links below and publish in your Digital Magazine.

Here are 6 FREE articles for you to send out to your customers.

Download your FREE Articles – click on each link below







Okay, so now you have downloaded the 6 FREE articles you can see that 4 of them are completely unrelated to Juice Plus+.  I have created 6 different categories for you, the first one is Easy Exercises that can be done in 10 minutes at home.  The second category is about food, the third is general, the fourth is health, the fifth is Juice Plus+ Product information and the final category is designed for you to use after your potential customer has converted in to a paying customer.

The idea is for you to post an article every day Monday through to Friday to your Digital Magazine subscribers.  You post the 4 unrelated articles first and then on Friday you post your Juice Plus article.  This then leaves you the weekend to answer any Juice Plus+ related questions and hopefully sign up your new customers.

Marketing Fact:  It takes 7 touch points to convert a potential customer in to a paying customer.

Don’t panic about needing more articles. You are now on my subscriber list so I will be sending you more information about how to write your own articles direct to your Inbox.

2 x Facebook Profile Photos – FREE

Remember I said you need to change tactics?

So before you can start sending out your articles to your Digital Magazine subscribers you need to create a FACEBOOK PAGE.  If you are on a laptop, log in to your Facebook account and on the right hand side you will see SHORTCUTS, EXPLORE and CREATE.  Under the CREATE sector you will see PAGE.

When you click on PAGE you then have the option to choose a sector, I would go for BRAND/PRODUCT. You can then choose a category, I would choose HEALTH & BEAUTY.  Then you need to name your page.  Remember this is YOUR business and YOUR brand.

To get you started I am giving you FREE two options (you can change your page name at a later date if you want):

Feel Better About Yourself – Health & Lifestyle Magazine

Health, Well-Being & Lifestyle Magazine.

Once you have named your PAGE you will then need to upload a PROFILE picture. Your profile picture is your BRAND, it needs to relate to your business, have absolutely nothing to do with Juice Plus+.  This is the first visual that your potential customer is going to see, it needs to be clear and easy to read.  Below you will see examples of the two FREE Profile pictures I am giving you to get started.

Just simply click on one of the pictures below, right click if you are on a laptop and save image to your desktop.  Now go to the profile picture on Facebook and upload the picture from your desktop.

Download Your Free Facebook Profiles – Right click on photo and save



See, I told you it was easy!!  You have now started to create your very own Magazine.  It’s exciting isn’t it?

This means no more posting on to your personal Facebook news feed.  This means you are giving YOUR business a professional feel to it, you are building YOUR brand and keeping YOUR business and YOUR personal life separate.

2 x Facebook Group Headers – FREE

Now you have created your profile picture you now need to create your banner.  It is important that you have continuity, so you can use the same pictures that you have just downloaded for your profile picture for your Facebook Banner.  The screenshots below show you what your profile picture and banner look like on Mobile.

2 x Landing Page (Mobile) – FREE

Next up is a LANDING PAGE.  A Landing Page is a clever Marketing tool that sits on your Facebook Page that signs up your potential customers to your Digital Magazine 24/7.

You got here by a Landing Page and this is what you are going to set up for your potential customers.  You may recall that I added you as a FRIEND on FACEBOOK.  You probably accepted me because I changed my banner on my Personal Facebook Profile to indicate that even though you do not know me personally I could be a person of interest to network with.  Once you accepted my request, I received a NOTIFICATION.  I then sent you a MESSAGE knowing that you would get it because we are friends.  In that message I briefly explained who I was and directed you to my PAGE and asked you to SIGN UP to get your FREE STARTER KIT.  Once you hit my PAGE my BANNER tells you very clearly what I can offer you.  You clicked on the SIGN UP button and it took you to LANDING PAGE which explains briefly what your FREE STARTER KIT contains and asks you for your name and email address.  You clicked YES PLEASE and here you are!

The Landing Page is connected to my Email Campaign Manager APP (More on this later).  The Email Campaign Manager stores your email address.  As I mentioned earlier, I will be sending you emails directly to your Inbox with more information, hints, tips, solutions and great ideas for your business.  These emails are designed and stored in the Email Campaign Manager APP and will be sent out automatically once a day to you.  This is exactly the same method you are going to be using to send articles to your Digital Magazine subscribers.  You can bulk upload your articles to the Email Campaign Manager and schedule the posts.

I am giving you FREE access to two Landing Pages in the same BRANDING as your Facebook Page.  Below you will see screen shots of what your Landing Page will look like on Mobile.


2 x Landing Page (Desktop) – FREE

Below you can see what your Landing Page will look like on a desktop/laptop.

How to get your Landing Page

Your Landing Page is linked through the Email Campaign Manager APP.  There are many different Email Campaign Managers you can use however, I find that MailChimp is the easiest APP to use and it is FREE for up to 2000 Subscribers.

Useful TIP:  At this stage if you haven’t done so already I would now create a new EMAIL ACCOUNT specifically to be used for your business.  You can use free email service providers like Gmail or Yahoo to do this.  remember to keep it professional and reflect your brand.

Click on this Link to take you to Mailchimp and sign up for Free using your business email address.

 <a href="">Powered by MailChimp</a> 

 Download this step by step instruction manual I have put together to show you how to create your Landing Page and add to Facebook


Why are you Doing this?

  • 6x more likely to get a click-through from an email campaign than you are from a tweet
  • Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.
  • It is also worth noting that 72% people prefer to receive promotional content through email, compared to 17% who prefer social media and about 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices.


Over the next few days I will be sending you emails straight to your Inbox to give you more useful information, advice, hints and tips on how you can use this FREE Starter Kit.

I will also show you WHO is YOUR Target Audience and WHERE to find them.

I will show you how to reach out to them.

In a few short weeks I will show you how you can automate your business taking away 90% of your workload and grow your Email List in to converted paying customers who are going to love Juice Plus+ as much as you do!

Want to go on one of those free all expenses paid holidays that Juice Plus+ offer?

Follow my simple step by step guide and your dreams could become reality!

Take care for now and Look out for my Email tomorrow,

Sharon   x